Pre-Order #2 Right The Fuck NOW!

It's April fucking first. April fools day. The day we make serious announcements. Pre-order for 'Number Two' and 'Bone Us' begins today. Only 100 #2 pre-orders will include 'Bone Us' which is an extensive collection of b-sides and old cassette recording that date back to the late 90's all crammed into one disc. Once they're gone, they're fuckin gone. That is why you should fucking pre-order this shit. For $10 plus shipping, you get 2 mother fuckin albums. You will have the new album in your hands on or before June 11th. Good luck and thank you Crotch Nauts! 
P.S... our site isn't 100% complete yet, so just fucking deal with it. We'll be adding shit steadily. For now, get back to pre-ordering.

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    I want to fuck

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